Short Depicts

November 1st 2012

A Wish

They say be careful what you wish for, as it can become reality.
A wish is a powerful thought, sometimes an excuse for something you’ve already done, and more often an uncontrolled doing. A soul-move. If that’s the theory to stick with, we should be very conscious about the public around us.
Hurricane Sandy’s wish was to destroy everything. People’s wish was to survive. Survivals’ wish is to get power and water back in their taps. And out of their homes. A future wish will be to get Sandy out of our hearts and minds. May God grant it.
Politicians wish to win. Politicians wish the other to fail. Yet, it also says “don’t do anything to others that you don’t want them doing to you”. Therefore, those fail themselves.
Poor wish to be richer. Rich wish to have more freedoms and fewer obligations. Poor wish to have “these problems”.
Workers wish a greater compensation. Employers wish better performance. Tax authorities wish higher tax rates. Some politicians too. Employees wish all this discussion to be over.
Celebrities wish to be popular. Lady Gaga wished to be topless “Princess Cannabis” for Halloween. I wished I could know where to start this discussion. She wishes to be a Monster too. Perhaps that is a valid explanation.
Stores wish to have more customers. Customers wish to have more stores. Both wish customers to have more funds to spend. A mutual agreement.
Moms wish their kids to become somebody. To meet somebody. And never forget their moms. Kids wish their moms would keep quiet. Adults wish their moms would speak forever.
Fathers wish their daughters happiness. Daughters wish freedom. Freedom defines happiness, they think. And when they get it, they think the opposite.
All in all, we wish what we cannot have. When we get it, we wish to either never have or never lose it again. But wish comes first. Wish represents a desire, passion and is followed by an action to get it.
That is New York. New York wishes everyone the “Go-Getter-Mentality”.
And we wish New York to stay strong and come back on its feet even more fabulous than before.
May God grant it.

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.

October 31st 2012

What It Takes To Be A New Yorker

Now, what would you think are the must-haves of being a New Yorker?
Some might say you have to be born here, or have lived 10 years, or 5. Depends how long does the one you ask reside here.
You must be successful, smart, and beautiful. With an “attitude”.  Ambitious.


Even if you think pulling your strings and paying an over-over-priced rent in Manhattan, working non-stop, wearing labels, driving cabs, surviving overcrowded subways, eating solely the food you have never prepared, being on the cell phone 24/7 (and the list goes on) will get you there – you are mistaken, my friend.

What it really takes, goes far beyond all the materialistic thoughts and habits.

I cannot blame the outsiders. Being blinded by all the shiny lights plus impressed by the furious traffic, you might think once you adapt to it, you become one with the City.

Yet, emergency situations and the way of dealing with them do really shine on the insights of New Yorkers’ life.
Sandy’s aftermath does show it better than any guidebooks or stories you have ever heard.

Communities do pull together. People helping others who were hit stronger than them – “We are left with no power, water, nor gas…but we are happy we are alive. We are heading outside to help those, who lost everything”. Free bus rides. Neighbors bringing food and water to those who have ignored the early warnings. Pretty empty stores open to treat youngsters some free candy “because it’s Halloween”. NYPD and FDNY officers working 48+ hours non-stop to help those suffering. Mayor Bloomberg’s message sums it up: “We will pull together and work hard to bring our beloved City to its feet”. 
And then the famous phrase “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” gets a totally different sense.
That IS what it takes to be a New Yorker. Be born here or live here for a month, if you have developed the empathy and love to those around you, then, honey, you are home.

To all those speculating about Us being ignorant, well.. Try to understand, and if that doesn’t work – ignore us back. People running you over on the streets – they rush to do their jobs. Someone cursing you out of being too slow – this City runs on high speed, hun. That’s why it is called the financial, economic, “you name it” Center of the World. And still, they will stop to give you the directions and answer the famous question of “Where is the ball that drops on New Year’s Eve?”

So, before exercising your great sense of sarcasm about the situation, just try to walk in New Yorker’s shoes. And yes, those might be some pumped up high heels.

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.

October 30th 2012

Leave Me In My Dream

America is the land of opportunity. It’s the place where dreams come true. Or used to come true as to remain dreaming becomes trendy. Instead of making your dreams happen, you just stick to them by not waking up. That’s the apparent motto.
The recent torture caused by hurricane Sandy has divided the dreamers from reality-lovers. Not in a good way. Some were dreaming of being smarter than the officials, professionals, meteorologists and others by not leaving the areas of mandatory evacuation. Those were also giving the “911” reported 100.000 calls in an hour (instead of usual 1.000) trying to get out of the mess. Others, mainly tourists, were “happy they could even experience a hurricane by visiting the City”. Really?! Another madman has made it to the news by jet skiing during one of the greatest, if not the greatest, floodings of Battery Park in Manhattan. Kids posed for their crazy parents on Brighton Beach awaiting the storm in clothes matching their umbrellas. Come on, guys. This should not be true.
To be accurate, I truly understand those, who were not able to leave their homes and my thoughts and prayers go to each and everyone affected by the storm, but honestly – those described above were of a different caliber.

People buying meat to “survive the power outrage”. Guys pumping their tanks full to survive the flooding. People literally walking down the streets during a massive windstorm ignoring all kind of warnings. That should not be true either. 
But let’s blame the stress factor in this case. I have experienced “Sandy” myself and all I can say is – your mind does shut down partially when the 80+ mph winds plus rain and water come your way.
But normal days are not different.
A youngster wants to become a Doctor of Science by “skipping” Bachelor and Master studies. At 21. Reality check, please.
Ladies’ newest trend – “to eat in a darkness, so the kcal won’t count”. Say what?
People not willing to work, neither study, at all. College kids expecting good scores “right now and right here”. Yes, there might be some “NY attitude” in play, but those who have introduced “it” to the world did work their greatest assets off. Period.

Perhaps it is time to wake up before we fall into full-time hypersomnia?
Not just physically, but mentally as well. We make this decision every day.

Let’s think positively and work hard on putting this beloved City back on its feet in the aftermath… and us as well. There not just the politicians to blame.. Go figure.

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.

October 10th 2012

The Kind Of The City

They say New Yorkers are rude. New Yorkers call it “honesty”. To be honest, New Yorkers, as any other people, are different. Yet, we must admit, experiencing “kindness” in this City may feel delightful.

A grocery store sales person willing to make the run for you to bring you the better bag of apples? Pleasurable.
A guy on a street offering you to carry your bags home? Nice. Although it’d be better to check first whose home – his or yours, he means..
People willing to swipe their unlimited Metrocard for you seeing you trying to find your valet in your huge purse during the rush hour? Kind gesture.
Someone offering a girl a seat in the train stating, “His momma taught him to appreciate pregnant women”? Wonderful. Less wonderful was the fact that the girl was not really pregnant. Perhaps a little bit.
A guy willing to believe one she is over 16 as required for a purchase of Red Bullat a deli store? What a relief. Still, we might question the sense of that regulation…
Minnie Mouse making a picture of a dude posing next to Hello Kitty on Times Square. NYPD guys willing to give your kids a horseback ride. Well, this is New York in its best times.
Taxi cabs stopping at a red light? Lifesavers.
Free exhibitions. Happy Target Fridays at most famous museums. Sweepstakes. Free concerts. Lectures. Amazing parks. Helping people…
You can see it all only if you are willing to see it. So come in and find out.

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.

October 6th 2012

Weirdness and The City

Weird is the new Normal. It gets you ahead of other people and opens you doors to major success. Apparently. On a typical October day you cannot help but feel like Alice in Wonderland.

The weather is weird. Hearing the good news announcing “another summer day full of sunshine and high humidity” in October is, in fact, weird. Although some might like it.
But that’s the people and their actions that make you want to scratch your head and stay there totally overloaded with comprehension of strangeness.

Willing to cross a street, happened to stand next to a cop at a red light. On his polite “Hello”, I turn around. “Do you like my perfume?” – he asks, “My sister got it for me and she says it should attract women…does it?” I just stood there having problems to connect this conversation with a fact that this was indeed an NYPD officer. On duty.
A woman, for sure not a lady, indulged in reminiscence of her ex-boyfriend’s “assets” in a subway train. “The new guy wants me to see him for pleasure, but what can I say if he cannot move it as my ex did…like an elephant trunk!” Oh my.
A grocery store throwing people out a half hour earlier, because “the manager does not want to be late for Dancing With The Stars episode”. What a fan.
An older lady walking 4 identical dogs on Park Ave. I stopped to compliment her on the cuties. Three seemed very happy, the other rather not. “She is a real bitch, you know..and in fact, she is a girl”, – was lady’s remark. A loving owner indeed. Park Avenue.
A guy asking to touch my feet in Bryant Park. “I just like doing it, and believe me you are not the first one to say Yes”. Oh dear, I hope I wasn’t the first one to say No.
NY Post reporting on a guy selling on EBay the “FDNY’s keys to the City” – 4 keys that enable you to enter any subway station, (in)activate any elevator in ANY skyscraper in the city, get access to construction sites such as the new World Trade Center,  and operate traffic lights… For $150. A good deal?
A man on a subway train across Manhattan bringing his own chair. And a newspaper. Must have had his drink already earlier.

City newspapers reporting on disgusting criminal stories on front pages that make you want to meet your breakfast again. A re-defined morning sickness encouragement.
Wall Streeters angry they did not manage to get Mark Zuckerberg jump into a fashionable suit…but Russian PM, Mr. Medvedev, did. I am sure I could not survive a day without this information.
A group of well-dressed African-American men on Herald Square debating “Jesus was a black man”. One grabbed my elbow, – “Say you believe it!” If you continue holding me, I will tell you anything you want.

Weird but true.

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.

September 28th 2012

Merry Manhattan Midtown

It has been a rainy afternoon. Or not. You cannot clearly figure it out. Same as you cannot be sure what would be appropriate to wear at this time of the year? And it seems like New Yorkers unanimously entered a challenge to present the entire all-year-round pieces of their busy closets. At once. You see ladies flip-flopping, rocking their sandals, ballerinas, boots, rainy boots, fur boots, riding boots, more boots. Well, as open-toe pumps do never become inappropriate footwear in the City as they are combined as confidently with summer outfits as with fur coats, we still might question the fur boots in September. It’s 75 F degrees for God’s sake. 
Walking up the streets starting from Herald Square you get into a busy part of 6th Ave. People running. Taxi cabs running over people. Tourists try to snap “1-800”-shots of the Empire State Building. That’s for men. Women appear hypnotized by Macy’s sign “The biggest store in the world”. Youngsters cycling bike cabbies shouting at pedestrians crossing the streets on red. A woman asking for a penny. Why not a dollar? “It might seem too much” – is her answer. Guys rushing to get flowers for their early dates. That should be their third or forth one. A lost Asian student trying to figure out his way to NYU. An angry New Yorker yelling “Moooooove!” at him while he was trying to read the map in the middle of the pedestrian traffic. Newspapers reporting on Bloomberg’s achievements with NYPD. Stores flashing “For Closure” signs. Stores announcing “Grand Openings”.
And then you get to Bryant Park. My favorite. Not a good tourist’ attraction. I love the place where you can spot Empire State and Chrysler Buildings at the same time. The famous NY Public Library flashing the welcoming lights. A green lawn. Beautiful nature.
A flowers-hating woman puffing next to the “Smell Flowers, Not Smoke” sign. Who cares.
The sun sets down and the moon goes up. Park gets busy.  The Southwest Porch pub welcomes the crowds of gentle guys wearing suits. Couples with kids go home, couples without come. Just few blocks away North, Times Square is flashing the big lights.

Someone bursting “I am singing in the rain”. Dude, the skies are clear. We should agree at least on that one.  

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.

September 26th 2012

Fall In(to) Brooklyn

A random September Wednesday in good old Brooklyn. Running for life across the street escaping the wheels of a school bus that disregarded a red light. People chillaxing in front of their condos discussing the last football game. Some mean to like it a lot, others less. A woman calling about 10 people on her cell during the 5 minute wait for the bus yelling she got the “damn tickets” to Jay-Z’s awaited opening concert at Barkley’s center. Sunny skies. A weather lady promised thunderstorms, so everyone is carrying huge umbrellas. A kid selling water on the street. A mom telling her kid to carry his own buggy down the stairs of a subway station. A nice man selling newspapers at a subway platform. An old man trying to read one without paying. Some high school kids talking to tired strangers asking to donate 5 bucks to their basketball talent team. A salesperson at a grocery store telling me to come more often even if I don’t need to shop, so “they can see my pretty face”. A guy yelling “How are ya doin’?” to me while walking with his baby and baby mama across the street. Well, I was doing great compared to how she made him feel after that. For sure. Some people rushing, some not. Tourists trying to read the map to find out the mysterious way to get on Brooklyn Bridge.
And finally rain. The weather lady was right. What a surprise. People started running and overpaying for umbrellas at newsstands. Some did not listen to the weather lady.

A good September day though.

And yes, that woman with Jay-Z’s tickets. My dreams to get one were disconnected from reality together with my internet-hating modem. High-five Optimum.

Live 2 Love NY, kids. Live to love it.


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